Thermographic Survey

A thermographic survey gives you the ability to implement a predictive maintenance strategy, which gives your vessel to ability to control and manage the potential failure of your electrical cabinets on board and downtime of your vessel. The Thermographic survey of electrical distribution boards and it's components is cost effective and can form part of a predictive maintenance strategy of your vessel. Electrical components such as connections, joints and contacts are subject to deterioration over time due to corrosion, loosening, over tightening, contamination, vibrations and overloading, all of which causes an increase in electrical resistance and subsequently an increase in temperature.

Why choose thermographic survey:

Avoid potential personnel risks, damage or fire hazards by quickly identifying heat sources or ‘hot spots’. Non-invasive and non-destructive tool that allows the survey to be completed while equipment and plant are still running. Depending on your vessels equipment, thermal imaging surveys can reduce breakdowns, maintenance costs and save downtime. Increases the lifespan of equipment.

What equipment should be tested:

  • Main Switchboard
  • Emergency Switchboard
  • Equipment control Panels
  • Busbar Systems
  • Power line connections and insulators
  • Switchgear
  • Fuse and distribution boards
  • Battery banks
  • Transformers

The Infinity Electric team are fully trained to do a full survey on your vessel. A survey report will also demonstrate that as technical management you are taking positive action to ensure that electrical maintenance is being undertaken.


Request an electrical thermography quote

Contact our technical manager to request a quote for electrical thermography surveys on board of your vessel.