Electronical Repairs

Electronic repairs ( PCB’s ) is more complex today than ever before, but despite how severely damaged they may be, they can be repaired! Circuit board repair and many other electronical parts is our specialty.

Also the high value of many Printed circuit boards demands that they be repaired?

Even less expensive assemblies require repair because you may require a quick turn around?

A few years ago, Printed circuit boards were much simpler and repairs were relatively easy.? Today’s PC boards have fine pitch components, ball grid arrays and fine line circuits making them a challenge to repair.


Infinity Electric repairs:

  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
  • Monitors (HMI and other)
  • Power Supplies
  • Alarm Cards
  • Electronical relays
  • Power Inverter


To expect a reliable outcome, each repair project must follow proven and well established procedures!

Whether repairing surface mount pads or repairing damaged internal circuitry, Infinity Electric repair technician’s have the technical knowledge and manual skills needed for high reliability repair and rework, the repair specialists are experts and have repaired thousands of electronical Products.


When sending any item to our workshop we will do our upmost best to minimize the repair costs and downtime for your vessel. info@infinity-electric.com