EPOS CV - Power sources

The auxiliary voltages for internal relay control, the connected sensors and potential-free auxiliary contacts are provided by internal, stabilised voltage sources. A fused, high-accuracy reference voltage source is integrated for supplying potentiometers.

One or more appropriately dimensioned power sources can be provided (optional) for powering external actuators such as spring-charging motors, release and operating coils or heating systems.

The outputs of all sources are located on a panel and external sources can be looped in if required. The sources are released via built-in power contactors.

All sources, whether internal or connected externally, can be controlled and monitored either manually or automatically by the test system. The desired values are set automatically in accordance with the parameters of the test plan. The sources can be controlled either statically or dynamically via the software, to test overcurrent or undervoltage releases, for example.

The system features analog/digital interfaces to set the desired values and the voltage waveform and to release and measure back the actual value of the sources. Optionally and depending on the type of interface, it is also possible to use logical interfaces to control the sources, e.g. GPIB (IEEE488), RS232 or RS485.