High-precision test system for function tests on various types of switchgear device

High-precision test system for function tests on various types of switchgear device, including circuit breakers, disconnectors or earthing switches, regardless of the type of drive unit. The inputs and outputs are connected flexibly via a terminal strip, making the test system particularly suitable for use in development and laboratory environments as well as in production environments.

The 19" housing allows both stand-alone operation and installation in a system cabinet.

All the electrical and mechanical parameters needed for the assessment of switching performance are measured in real time without either the main contact chamber or the drive unit having to be opened. Inputs are provided for measuring analog, incremental and binary signals. The 14 measurement channels on the main and auxiliary contact cards allow simultaneous measurement on 8 auxiliary contacts, 6 resistive and 6 main contacts.

With single-phase control of the operating coils with 1 control output for closing coils and 2 control outputs for opening coils, ACTAS L260 can be used to test medium- and high-voltage breakers.In combination with PROMET, three-pole dynamic resistance measurements can be carried out on up to four interrupter units per pole. Digital and analog control outputs enable voltage or current sources to be controlled automatically, allowing fully automatic tests.

The test system is controlled using the ACTAS 2.60 testing software.

Control outputs:
2 x Opening coil
1 x Closing coil
3 x External ohm meter
1 x External extension box/voltage source
2 x Analog control output 0…10 V
2 x Relay

Analog/binary inputs:
3 x coil current
2 x Coil/station/motor voltage
1 x Motor current via shunt
3 x External sensor (10 V)
1 x External sensor (20 mA)
3 x External sensor (dig./inc.)
3 x 2 Main and PIR contacts
2 x 4 Auxiliary contacts

Scope of delivery:

  • Power cord, 2.5 m
  • Ethernet cable
  • Testing software ACTAS V 2.60
  • SW module Data Interfaces
  • SW module Control & Automation
  • SW module Extended Testing & Analysis
  • SW module Statistics
  • SW module Extended Data Management
  • SW module ACTAS x60 Communication

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