Protection Unit ABW-OCRAZ1


On the ABW and ABWC air circuit breakers, the ABW-OCR microprocessed electronic protection units perform the protections.
The AZ1 unit is supplied as standard for all circuit breakers and offers protection against overload (L), timed short circuit
(S), instantaneous short circuit (I) and ground fault (G)—functions which are set on the front dials. Other models are
supplied as optional accessories, allowing network communication, voltage measurement, earth leakage protection (external
CT required - supplied as optional accessory) and other protections.

Technical Data
The ABW-OCRAZ1 protection unit has
characteristics that meet the requirements of most
systems and applications. It is supplied as standard
for ABW08...63 circuit breakers.

Overload protection (L)
Long timing
Short circuit protection
Short timing (S)
Instantaneous (I)
I2t ON/OFF optional (short timing)
Ground fault protection (G)
I2t ON/OFF optional
Earth leakage protection
External CT required (accessory)
It cancels the Ground fault function (G)
Fault event sequence
Up to 10 faults
3 fixed digital outputs to indicate protection alarm
Network communication option

The home screen indicates the instantaneous current
values per phase. It is also possible to check other
information, available in different menus.

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